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Our flexible and innovative solutions easily integrate into your company’s daily functions.

To better understand the scope of Kleverware IAG, let’s take a look at the different stages of implementation.

Data Collection

The first step is to collect data specific to your Information System which includes system and application identifiers, and information for each individual.

This process, in accordance with standard ISO 27001, guarantees the security of your data.

Extraction Standardisation

Your extracted data sources easily integrates into Kleverware IAG.

The formats Idif, txt, csv, xls, and others can be imported into our solution.

Account Mapping

Each user account is linked to a specific identity. This is particularly useful when several user identifiers exist for the same person.

Kleverware IAG has a clear and simple mapping feature that will help you with this step.

Data Modeling

There are common problems  to be addressed, but the rights application methods may vary depending on the Information System.

Your data model will allow you to graphically understand the authorisation process of your Information System.

What are the problems associated with data modeling?

Compliance Assessment

After defining the rules corresponding to your security policies, Kleverware IAG will provide an assessment of compliance within these defined rules.

Thus, you will be able to easily access detailed reports with graphical indicators of your assessment.

Reporting Configuration

For your reports, you will be able to reuse custom rules and queries created in Kleverware IAG.

To achieve this, simply drag and drop your configuration into your reports (texts, indicators, queries, or graphics for instance). Thus resulting in customised reports, which can be easily generated with updated information on demand.

Industrializing Controls and Reporting

All the rules and reports can be easily programmed to be sent automatically.

Each team or individual in your company can customise how often they receive these detailed reports.

Defining a List of Controls

Kleverware IAG has a simple, integrated checklist feature which allows you to see:

  • dormant or abandoned accounts
  • unused groups or roles
  • features accessible by only one user

This information is useful for improved access management of your resources.x

Defining the Rights Review Process

Rights review campaigns are easily programmable in Kleverware IAG.

The details of these campaigns are easily accessible, allowing you to follow the progress of your reviews.