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Kleverware IAG : The solution for reviewing rights and access to your Information System

Review the rights of all
clearances in your Information
System, including those defined
in your management processes.

Focus on risk situations and
campaigns from your last

Work in a collaborative way.
Your business units are part of
the rights review processes.
Reports are designed to help
your auditors.
Quickly provide answers to your auditors!

Because of standards and regulations, auditors are more thoroughly checking the rights granted to everyone (internal and external)
in your organization.

Provide quick answers to the question “Who has rights on what?” on your Information System with Kleverware IAG reports which are designed for audits and checks on authorizations, rights reviews, and staffing transfers.

Quality reporting for efficient control

Kleverware IAG provides the appropriate dashboards to ensure an efficient tracking of all governance processes of your identities and accesses. Our reports are designed to answer your needs regarding the progress of your rights review campaigns, and provide oversight on staff movements such as onboarding of new employees, outgoing staff, and interdepartmental transfers.


The Kleverware solution for constant control of the ILG (Identity Lifecycle Governance)

To ensure your collaborators have access that match their tasks, Kleverware IAG offers advanced features to track new employee onboarding, internal transfers, and departures. Our solution can work independently or complement your existing IAM.


Control the legitimacy of newly created identities. For instance, is the registered provider really under contract with your organization?


Transfers often result in your collaborators accumulating rights they no longer need. Reduce this risk by reviewing access rights during the transfer process.


Kleverware IAG oversees the rights of the individual leaving the company to make sure they will all be deactivated or deleted.

Thanks to these options for customized verifications of rights, Kleverware IAG simplifies rights review processes considerably, while maintaining optimal control.

Let your applications access under control

Did your managers come across an issue? Connect Kleverware IAG to your ticketing tool or to your IAM — a ticket will be created for the corresponding user account.


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Total control over your application accesses

As a pioneer in its field, Kleverware uses its expertise for integration of diverse environments, using native extractions from your applications or with its own extraction tools. Kleverware IAG supports the following technologies (non exhaustive).