KuppingerCole Report – EXECUTIVE VIEW – Kleverware IAG 2019-03-20T16:38:13+02:00

KuppingerCole Report – EXECUTIVE VIEW – Kleverware IAG

Digital identity is a critical business-enabling technology for every business. However, as is borne out by cybercrime reports year after year, digital identity is also a primary vector through which businesses are attacked. Many businesses still lack an IAM (Identity and Access Management) that is adequate to meet the various requirements, from efficient processes for granting and revoking access entitlements to fulfilling regulatory compliance requirements and mitigating cyber risks. […]

In this Executive View from KuppingerCole, you will get an analyst overview on Kleverware IAG. Espacially how Kleverware is focused on delivering a lean, targeted solution for Identity & Access Governance (IAG)

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